Friday, 9 January 2009

Catalyst Of Everything

With the date for the new album pushed back even further we 've decided to appease fans by releasing a taster, free sampler CD single entitled "Catalyst Of Everything". It will feature "The Beat That My Heart Skipped" and "The Sound Of Burning Letters", the new album's piano track. Anyway with new releases means new artwork oh yeah!

This is one of a series of illustrations I've been working on for the past few weeks. This will feature as the sampler's sleeve art. There are many pretentious ideas i could point out but for the sake of not boring you fuckers to death I won't unless you ask about it.

"The Beat That My Heart Skipped" was my last featured post so I don't need to go into great depth about that. But "The Sound Of Burning Letters" is a song not heard at any shows. This is a song I wrote on a cold evening in flat. My Roland electric piano really didn't do the tone of the song any justice so it was hard to really picture the full scope of the piece. It wasn't until I recorded the song with Dave out at his house in Inverurie. There he has an early 20th century antique of an upright piano. We set up mics all around the piano, inside left and right, at the pedals and a couple of mics to the left and right of the room. This gave us options to blend the close mic sound with the natural sound you get from miking a room. I gave Dave a few tracks to listen too as to my ideal piano sound and with a mix of revebs and EQs he's really hit the mark in my eyes.

Here are the Lyrics before the song has been committed to the album, enjoy.

"The Sound Of Burning Letters"

Every night I sleep to the sound of burning letters
The sign of the life I've lost
What can I take before things are getting better?
And how much of myself will it cost?

And now the curtains are falling
And the clouds are forming

Every morning I wake to the sound of dying retrospect
One more attempt at a fresh debut
Trying to keep whats left of my self respect
I don't need these pills like all the cowards do

And now the curtains are falling
And the clouds are forming