Saturday, 28 November 2009

Maybe Next Time Things Will be Different

31st January 2010, the day after my birthday, will see the opening of my first solo exhibition since my Masters show in 2005. The as yet untitled show will be based around my recent Katerwaul artwork and photography. My new film "An Artificial Light" will also steak a lot of interest on the walls of Aberdeen's leading Coffeeshop & Art Gellery; Ki:lau.
Editing on my current project is going well but I've still to shoot a couple of more scenes. Instead of sitting on my hands I've started i
nstead to edit what I do have and its looking great. I thought I'd post up some of my recent poster work for both "An Artificial Light" and my soon to be released collaboration with Shaun; "emily". As usual feedback is more than welcome.

No doubt I'll fill you in with more details on my show as they make themselves known.