Friday, 14 January 2011

From Across The Sea: The Last Coffee Shop In Paris

The Last Coffee Shop In Paris is a film project I started in 2004 during my time studying my Masters at DJCAD. It is initially based on Kevin Gillespie's short story "The Last Coffee Shop In Santiago". A story about a man's quest to find his girlfriend in the Chilean city of Santiago. With only the knowledge that she works in a local coffee shop and a polaroid of them in better times, he braves the foreign country to try and persuade her to come home. I found that "Santiago" was a compelling story about culture shock but also the similarities between what we call home and what others also perceive as their home, that no matter where you are in world the same things you find so familiar also happen in places so foreign to you.

After a few drafts of the script I was ready to begin production of a short film based on "Santiago". I considered changing the location to Barcelona or Madrid but funding issues hampered the project and it shelved. Now almost six years later I have adapted this once again into a feature film. I have added two new characters and this time changed the city to Paris. The film now also deals with the themes of loneliness and what people do to be happy or in some cases just to be close to someone.

This film is still in the pre-production stage and we are trying to gain funding to get this film off the ground, but here are three teaser posters I designed just to generate some more interest and have something to show other than just the script.

We hope to have shot this film by the end of the year.