Wednesday, 21 October 2009


This is the new film by Writer Director Shaun Hughes released under our film collective; FACTOTUM FILMS. I don't want to spoil it but I think its brilliant. The film features a brand new score by me. I played all the instruments that include; Guitar, Bass, Drums, Music Box as well as vocals (although they don't feature in the film). The one instrument I didn't play was the violin; that was supplied by the chirpy Louise Mackie. I got her in one day to just play single notes and heaps of horrible noises. It was a homage to the Joker's theme in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" and the end scene in Scorssese's "Taxi Driver", an almost atonal pedal note that delves into chaos. I love writing film scores for Shaun!

Shaun asked me, as well as writing the score, to come up with a 70's style jazz song for a dance sequence. So I wrote a piece inspired by some Nina Simone, Nick Cave and Vincent Gallo. Its called "Unrequited". I wanted to write lyrics that tied in with the film but came from the two female character's point of view at the same time coming across as a generic 70s love song. Shaun decided to cut the vocals as the lyrics were deemed distracting and almost too literal, a view in which I agreed entirely when seeing it in context. But here are the lyrics for those that are curious and give a shit.

"Rest with me
I'd rather be here
In the breath of morning light
Than part form your side.

Suckle me
And tend to all my fears
Reality wont fade my dear

Cradle me
Cradle me
Cradle me
Cradle me in your arms"

I plan on fleshing out this 2 min song into something for my solo album which hopefully will be underway by the new year.

Back In Action & Ready For Danger

Hey its been a while. We must catch up. So here's the run down of the past five (fucking, shitting hell has it been that long??) months.

Katerwaul: It was a pretty busy Summer. The album; "Here There Is No Why" was released on 22nd June. Our launch night was a huge success. It was held in the quaint little coffee house "Kilau" on little belmont street in aberdeen. Ashley Park and memebers of Y Change Costume treated us to a Musical Banquet. We then went on to promote "Codes In The Clouds", a Kent quintet on the amazing "Erased Tapes" label. They were touring to promote their album "Paper Canyon" which is out now and is fucking stonking. We played with them at the Tunnels in Aberdeen on the 22nd June and then in Glasgow's 13th Note on the 23rd. They were top notch guys who were a lot of fun to play with and we had some great banter. I talked to Stephen about possibly doing a wee video project for them and discussed with Ciaran about singing on a remix album for them. Its all speculation at the moment but who knows what the future holds??

After that we managed to kick back and have a well deserved break. We've played a couple of gigs since but with our schedules in life being so erratic at the moment we're just going to see how things go before getting back to things full time.

In the Mean time you can grab the deluxe edition of art work from Blurb here

Tim Courtney (Musician): For one night and one night only I came out of singer/songwriter retirement to play close friend Mark McCabe's leaving gig in Art Gallery, Project Slogan. This was a great fun evening and I even aired a couple of new songs. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet but I've decided once I have some time I'm going to start recording a solo Album. Yes that's right I'm very egotistical like that.

Tim Courtney (Filmmaker): "An Artificial Light" is well and truly under way. My laptop died a horrible death upon the first day of shooting so excuse the lack of hurrah when principal photography started. While my laptop was off line I decided to start a production diary so I'll see if I can get some pages scanned in if I get my geriatric scanner working with my shiny new debt laden Macbook Pro.

After going through casting hell I managed to start filming a month behind schedule and its safe to say this is the hardest production I've ever had to put on. With Pamela my leading lady moving away weeks after we beginning shooting we've had to really move things along very quickly. But now Pamela's parts are all in the bag and most of Davy's scenes also finished, all we need to do are some external shots with Davy and the opening scene with a little boy. One problem though, I'm still a little boy short to film this. More news on that to follow.

Tim Courtney (Human Being): On a personal note; myself, my girlfriend Rae and best buddy Topher went to the Philippines with my folks in Sept. Now normally the weather is great that time of year. But as everyone has been made aware, with all the GREEN campaigning and comparing of carbon footprints and hemp ASDA bag for lifes, global warming is starting to take its toll on the lesser countries that just don't really effect us so why should we care? type places. Well we were in one. Having dodged one Typhoon already we arrived in a wet and windy Manila. We spent most of our time wandering around shopping malls or walking through the hot rain. Rae and Topher took a while to adjust to the staring and general alien feeling of being and Ethnic Minority (now you know how I feel). Me and Topher got a few nice pics that I'l l have to get my lazy ass into gear and get them onto my new laptop and onto my blog. But no doubt you can see some on Topher's lovely flicr page here.

Rae spent a couple of days in hospital on a drip which was nice as I got away from my nagging Father and got to watch some cable TV away from the rain. Then another Typhoon hit just before it got really hot and sunny then wet again and then we left. Despite not sounding like it we actually had a great time and its always great to see my Family and be a part of an ethnic majority for a change.

A few days later after we were in the safety of our environmentally naive country a massive Typhoon hit destroying my Grandmother's home and killing many people. I shat my pants a little as my parents were still out there at the time but luckily non of my family were hurt.

So... there's been rock and roll star-esque touring, accoustic singing and song writing, typhoon dodging and filmmaking hell. All squeezed into five months. That aint too bad.

Tim Out!