Friday, 21 November 2008

Here There is No Why sneak peak

Here is a sneaky peak at the front cover of the new Katerwaul album entitled "Here There Is No Why". The art work employs a theme of child like innocence. The album's format will be that of a children's book for reminiscing adults.

There is no release date for the album but it will feature tracks like the wintery "December Doesn't Hurt", the bleak anti love ballad "The Beat That My Heart Skipped" and fan's favourite "I Moved Forward Out Of The Blackest Sleep".

"Here There Is No Why" is the first full length LP by Katerwaul and is again produced in colaboration with "Prologue" (Katerwaul's first EP) producer David Milne. While Prologue was an entirely live EP Here There Is No Why sees us record using overdubs as well as live takes, a process we've never used before.

A special edition version is planned as well as a deluxe edition for those who helped out with the acapella singing on "The Beat That My Heart Skipped". The special edition will feature the entire artwork booklet with the CD and a bonus live EP featuring re-imaginings of our songs performed semi acoustic at Kilau Coffeeshop in Aberdeen earlier this year.

To Topher Henderson, Sarah Henderson, Rae Duncan, Shaun Hughes and Duke; for your sterling help in singing acappella with us, you guys will get a hardback edition of the album to say thank you for coming along.

The new album will be out Feb/March 2009

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Rae Duncan said...

I like the imagery for this cover art,its nice :)