Friday, 8 May 2009

Here There is No Why Special Edition

On the 22nd June Katerwaul will be releasing their/our first full length album entitled "Here There Is No Why". To mark the occasion we are having an album launch in Kilau Coffee Shop and Art Gallery on sat 20th June. Kilau have agreed to rent the space out to us to perform along side the amazing Debutant and the equally talented Kathryn Sawers. Get in touch via the Katerwaul myspace if you want tickets. There are only 60 so best be quick.

As per usual we are releasing a special limited edition version of this album. The images above are pages from the book. Also enclosed is a recording of a live stripped down set at Kilau. There will be a standard no thrills version for the people who just don't give a flying shit about visual art and just want to own the CD and hear the onslaught of David Milne's awesome production. For every one else there's Bit Torrent.


Rae Duncan said...

I like all the images...not sure about the red water.... tho. but all very nice. :)

Shaun Hughes said...

These images are ace. I really like the quality of them. Looking forward to hearing the album and holding a paper version of these images

Robby said...

Could I purchase your new album from overseas? I've moved out of Aberdeen to Chicago, and I really enjoyed your shows at the Tunnels while I was there to see them, and I have your first album. If it's possible to ship all the way over here, I have a few pounds kicking around still, or I could trade -- just email me at if it'll work out.