Sunday, 26 September 2010

Katerwaul's "Valley Under A Concrete Sea"

Another thing I didn't manage to sing and dance about on my blog due to laptop theft. BOI are an independent record label based in England-shire. They signed us in May and "Valley Under A Concrete Sea" is our first release through them. No prizes for guessing what the songs are about. Being signed to a label that actually "gets" your music and "gets" what you are trying to achieve, not just musically but artistically through recordings and art work, has been amazing. It was their idea to release the single on a CD-Vinyl and their idea to release with art work. You hear such horror stories about bands that don't get to have their songs to sound how they want and the art work to look how they like. With BOI we've just been working as usual, writing and recording our music the way have been, and I design all the packaging and artwork. Then BOI do the rest. Legends, absolute legends. This is a business of course and there is a financial side, but the return we've had for the small slice of profits have been worth more than money. With the label sorting out our marketing and online presence etc we can now forget about all that side and just concentrate on making noise.

You can download Valley Under A Concrete Sea for as little or as much as you like here.

Our album Here There Is No Why is also available on itunes thanks to our friends at BOI.